Thursday, February 07, 2008

I can't wait to roast on a hot beach.

I feel more pressure to update this blog now that I know people are consistently checking it. (Blast this live traffic feed! But I just can't make myself get rid of it...) Oh well, it's good for me... I tend to get complacent and find that I've left this un-updated for days or even weeks at a time and that's not good.

Right now we're having a massive winter storm. I love the little 'weather eye' icon at the bottom of my desktop from the Weather Network ... just a glance tells me what the temperature is in Hamilton. And it can be so dramatic... when there's a winter storm warning the icon flashes between showing the temperature and showing a red lightening bolt signifying DANGER.

I have to go see my chiropractor tomorrow. This whole chiro thing is new to me. All my life my mom said, "never go to a chiropractor... you'll end up having to go every week for the rest of your life...", so I never even thought of going to one when I had headaches and back problems. Recently when I realized I've been having consistent headaches for over 10 years I decided to just bite the bullet and give it a try. At my first visit the chiro told me to keep a "headache journal", describing the weather, what I had eaten, and a bunch of other circumstances which could possibly be related to the headaches. This made me laugh. I can picture myself curled up on my bed with a little pink diary, a heart-shaped lock on the front, writing in girlish cursive:

"Dear Diary,

You'll never guess how my head felt TODAY! It hurt soooo much. It was the absolute PITS. I sure hope I never have that kind of headache again.

Love, Annie <3 <3 <3"

Anyway, I'd better head to bed. I've been sleeply strangely lately. Last night I woke up at 3 A.M. and for some reason felt the need to get up and get a 'midnight' snack (I NEVER do this). I then sat at my computer, started shoving ginger snaps into my face, and checked my email. After a few minutes I sort of came to and realized what I was doing, and that it was only 3 in the morning. I proceeded immediately to get back in bed. So, I'd better go to bed now and hope I don't make this sleep-walking-type-thing a habit.


Anonymous 2:05 AM  

People always say that about the chiro. When I first went, I went once a week for about a month. Then I tapered off to about once every 3-4 months. Now if I go once every 6-8 months, that's pushing it. If it helps, go. If you don't find it makes a difference after a couple of visits, stop going. Simple.

Get a massage on the cruise ship. DO IT. It will be fantastic. I got a seaweed body wrap and seasalt exfoliation. Fantastic.

Hope you get some sort of relief from the chiro ... I find it feels like liquid going through my spine and neck when it is done 'just right' ... liquid is good for me.

Luke 8:02 AM  

hahahaha awesome post.

i lol'd pretty hard imagining you shoving ginger snaps at your face really hard while half asleep. i totally do that sometimes if i go to bed hungry. except it's usually with peanuts or chips.

Annie 12:14 PM  

Haha, I could totally see you shoving peanuts in your face...

Mandie 11:09 PM  

hahahaaaa I agree with Mook. This post is awesome.

Sonya 1:46 PM  

I love my chiropractor. He's a miracle worker. I also love massage therapy. And if you put the two together? Look out! You'll be addicted for life!