Sunday, April 27, 2008

OK, this finally has to be addressed.

It has taken me awhile to actually address this because I didn't want to state the obvious, but I've recently added a feature to my blog called the Live Traffic Feed. It's been a really interesting experiment because it shows on the left-hand panel of the page the live locations of where in the world people reading my blog are from. If for example you are from Atlanta, Georgia and you one day happen upon my blog, "Atlanta, Georgia" will immediately show up on the live feed. I saw this feature on someone else's blog awhile ago and thought it would be a really cool feature to add. Just who is reading the random nonsense I feel the need to post online to a mostly silly and pointless blog? Now at least I can know where YOU are from.

So far there've been a few readers from BC show up on the feed which is perfectly normal considering I grew up in Kamloops and still keep in touch with many people from there. (Sharon! Sonya! Tennille!) Plus, all of my relatives live in BC.

There are a few readers from the Kitchener/Waterloo area. This is also quite normal considering my boyfriend lives in Waterloo and a lot of our mutual friends live there. (Mandie! Kristi! Whoever else Luke and I are both connected to!) Plus, the people in Luke's haus have a blog which I frequently visit and comment on which would naturally lead people to go to my blog out of simple curiosity.

I have readers from Hamilton. This one isn't even worth explaining, really, I AM FROM HAMILTON.

So, now enters the reason for this long-winded rant... who the heck are the people reading my blog from all the heck over the world? I don't know anyone living in Moncton, New Brunswick, let alone anyone from Seoul-Tukpyolsi, Korea, and yet these two locations show up repeatedly on the live feed. These people are consistently checking for updates. Who are you? Who are you???!

It's not that I'm creeped out by my foreign visitors, not at all. The opposite is true. I just have no clue who these people could be. It's quite flattering to know that people from areas of the world I've never even been to actually bother to read the drivel I post on here. Ahhhh, nice feeling. But still.... who are you, and how did you happen upon my blog? I would honestly love to know your story :)

To everyone else: take a look at the live traffic feed panel on the left side showing where you're from. Your location shows up immediately. Kinda creepy, no? It's an interesting experiment though, I encourage you to add it as a feature to your blog, as you never know just who could be reading your posts.

PS - Mandie, I know you added it and then deleted it because it freaked you out, so this is for everyone else :)


Lord Kerrance 8:44 AM  

We once had a random person from the states comment on our blog (the one about Jenna's ghost living in our basement). They found us by searching for people who also liked the movie "Tombstone" and found me.

Sonya 9:44 AM  

I have had a stat counter on my blog since the beginning and was always blown away by the strange locations of my readers. Of course, now my blog is private, so I only use the stat counter to see how many people visit in relation to how many comment. ;)

Erica 11:09 AM  

hey...thanks for the comment :)

Nice to meet you!