Sunday, April 27, 2008

"You know, from that movie... 'The Sopranos' "

Right now Luke is fast asleep downstairs in his living room. I am currently wide awake, suffering from insomnia, and feeling the need to blog my lil' heart out.

I should say something. I have noted in previous posts that I enjoy creeping other people's blogs. This is very, very true, and I have decided to start commenting on some of said random blogger's posts. I tend to browse around friends' blogs and inevitably end up browsing the blogs of THEIR friends, so creepy or not, if I comment on a post of yours we probably have mutual friends. Besides, I quite like getting to know people. People are rad. So say 'hi' back. :)

Tomorrow I'm heading to church alonnnnnnne. Luke has to play drums at WMB which means a hellishly early morning for him followed by not one but TWO services. I go to the 2nd service. I don't feel too bad for him however, because I get to luxuriate in the comfort of his bed, which is known to most as THE SOPRANO. Apparently when he went to the bed store with Caleb (which is a highly funny story in itself) to look for a bed the salesman tried promoting one particular bed by noting its unique name: THE SOPRANO. "You know, like from that movie, The Sopranos". Oh how I wish I could have been there. Anyway, THE SOPRANO is incredibly, mind-blowingly comfortable. The main problem I encounter when sleeping in THE SOPRANO is being able to get out of it in the morning. Quite difficult. If you're thinking of bed shopping anytime in the near future I recommend a far less comfortable bed for the sake of your job and for your schedule. Besides, sometimes I sleep SO soundly in it that I wake up with a painful neck because I didn't move once during the night out of extreme comfort.

Thank you. To THE SOPRANO I now go. For those of you WMB'ers I shall see you tomorrow at la iglesia. (Late service, DUH)