Thursday, May 29, 2008

Baby, I must be looking fiiiiiiiiiine today!

I never get catcalls. Well, hardly ever. And today I got two! I know, I shouldn't be happy about it. Catcalls are sexist, insulting, bla bla bla. But if I'm honest, sometimes they put a little bounce in my step.

As I'm walking home from work this afternoon:

"Hey, come back! Please! I want to meet you! Please! Come back!"


"Hey sexy, want to join us for a beer?"

Yeah, slightly creepy. Maybe really creepy. But it still made me feel like Miss Thang.


Luke 10:49 AM  

are those space pants?

Mandie 3:51 PM  

I like your use of the phrase "Miss Thang"

Dorothea 9:40 PM  

Hahahaha. Oh I know it's creepy, but it feels good to hear that sometimes. lol. It helps the ego a little bit sometimes. :P

Anonymous 2:15 AM  

I think quite possibly the only thing that could make that better ... or more mortifying? ... would be if they were greasy construction workers with mullets. ;)

Erica 11:24 AM  

creepy yes, but. . .aren't we all suckers for a greasy compliment once in a while :)

Anonymous 2:28 PM  

Yeah, I say work it, annie!


The Leb 10:44 AM  

it was luke wasn't it.