Sunday, June 22, 2008

Why I dislike migraines.

On Friday morning at work I could feel a headache starting. Every time this happens I remain optimistic that it will go away and I choose to avoid medicating it. By the time I left work after 5:00 PM, I had a full-blown, nausea-inducing MIGRAINE. I waited for a bit before leaving to take a couple Gravol and a painkiller, to try and feel better before hopping on the city bus on the way home. Packed city buses are not a good setting to nurse an ill feeling and a painful head.

I left work feeling a tiny bit better and had to sit for awhile in the bus shelter to catch my bus anyway. I began to think disaster had been avoided. The bus finally came, and it was so crammed full of people there was barely enough room to stand. I ended up standing between a loud man reeking of alcohol and a rude woman who kept bumping into me.

Halfway up the jolley cut (or whatever it's called) on the way to Upper Wellington, the nausea came back in waves. The stinky loud man talking to whoever would listen didn't help. As we reached the top of the hill, I knew I needed to get off the bus PRONTO. We were stopped at a red light. I staggered to the front of the bus and said to the driver, "I'm sorry, can you let me off here?". He gives me an impatient look, "the next stop is right after this light." Me, "I'm going to throw up." The driver completely ignores me.

By the time the bus pulled up to the next stop, I had my hand over my mouth to stop the vomit from spewing everywhere, as I started heaving. The driver opened the door, I ran out as fast as possible, and proceeded to dash inside the bus shelter and vomit everywhere. In front of the crammed city bus, which still happened to be right there.

The bus didn't wait for me. It took off again without me and I had to walk to the nearest convenience store to buy water, kleenex and gum. I then had to wait for the next bus and use another ticket to get home.

THAT is why I dislike migraines.


Sonya 11:02 AM  

Oh man. That sucks. I can't believe the doofus bus driver didn't let you off after you told him you were going to throw up.

Erica 11:42 AM  

Oh my gosh, that totally sucks! Puking in a bus stop is probably a common factor seeing as you were in the, you know, just to give you some of your pride back!

Annie 1:05 PM  

It's true, I've definitely seen worse living in Hamilton!

Also, everyone I've told this story to thinks I should have puked on the bus driver. Oh well, next time.

Anonymous 5:55 PM  

Ok, it is safe to post. I definitely didn't want to be the first, as I wasn't sure of the posting etiquette when it involves puking, embarassing moments, or ridiculousness.

But now I am safe to post, and I must apologize, because I giggled a little ... BUT I do feel your pain. Though my sister would relate ... she had a bout of the flu and we were downtown, and she ended up puking into a flowerpot just inside a building downtown.

Annie 9:00 PM  

It's okay, you can laugh. I am quite used to puking (weak gag reflex... or something) so even as it was happening I had to suppress the urge to laugh. As I walked around looking for a corner store I had a smirk on my face. Heh heh.