Thursday, July 03, 2008

My job, and my 1st week in Waterloo

Okay, so today was Day 2 of The New Job. It has been going very well. Yesterday was overwhelming with so much info thrown at me, I didn't get the chance to get a feel for how things were done. Today was even busier, but I think I actually started absorbing some of the information given to me. There are so many little details to learn that I didn't anticipate needing training for so the initial couple days has been a little tedious. I'm starting to see this is going to be a great job, though. The environment is very friendly and the patients are not crazily stressed out, like at my last job, so the actual work itself isn't stressful. The staff are friendly, encouraging and very helpful. I've been getting some very thorough training which I appreciate SO much, because I find it makes all the difference in a new job.

So yeah, it's been a huge relief to find that I really like the job and that I can see myself doing well at it.

On Monday night, I was surprised to find that Luke had planned a "welcome to Waterloo" party for me! I thought I was going to his place for dinner and when I came in the door a bunch of our friends yelled 'surprise' from the living room. The table was piled high with gluten free pizza from Pizza Pizza (soooooo good, by the way) and gluten free cookies. The sounds of Sufjan Stevens came from the music player in the kitchen (thanks Kerry!!!). After dinner we split into 2 teams for a photo scavenger hunt. It worked out perfectly for girls vs. boys, with 4 people on each team. Us girls kicked the boys' BUTTS. We got everything on the list and more. So much fun. After we all got back to the haus, we played Apples to Apples, my new favorite game, and Whoonu, which is similar to Apples to Apples. Very fun.

On Tuesday (Canada Day) we had a BBQ at Luke's place with a bunch of Luke's McMaster friends (and Mary Anne and Jordan!). We played croquet in the back yard, ate lots of BBQed meat and had fun playing a couple of Caleb's old school Nintendo games and Apples to Apples. After dessert we piled into our cars to go watch the Waterloo fireworks, which were pretty good. It ended up being a pretty late night for us, because after the fireworks ended it took us forever to get out of the area, due to the INSANE TRAFFIC. It was madness.

Anyway, it's been a really good week. Thanks very much to everyone who has welcomed me to Waterloo! I know I'm going to love it here :)


Sonya 10:50 AM  

I'm glad your new job is working out so well. And it sounds like you've been having tons of fun during after-work hours!

Lord Kerrance 11:08 AM  

Yup, Waterloo rocks. As does Sufjan.