Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Life is good!

Time for a lil' update.

Life in the 'Loo is outstanding. I am LOVING my new job... best I've ever had, definitely. Everyone I work with is great and I even love the job tasks (it doesn't hurt that it's a fairly easy job). I get full time hours so I don't have any time off during the week to do summery stuff, other than evenings, but I honestly don't mind.

I guess I've sort of been taking it easy in the evening so I don't have much news for this blog... so... uh.... that's it. Shortest update ever!


Luke 8:03 PM  

radical, i'm pretty amped you're diggin' the job!

it's also good to have you here :)

Dorothea 11:37 PM  

I am so glad you are loving your job. It's so important especially when you are in a new place. I miss you already. I can't believe we missed the chance to hang out before you left. I hope you have an awesome time in Waterloo.

Sonya 9:07 PM  

A short update is better than no update at all! ;)

Glad things are going well at work.