Tuesday, July 15, 2008

On my walk home from Zeller's this evening


Poor old man,
Wearing your hat and suspenders
Times have changed for you.
Now you watch as your stalled car is towed
chains shackled to its front bumper by crass young men in wifebeaters
you stand helplessly by, your hands in your pockets.


I wanted to tell you I was out aimlessly walking
Deep in thought, unaware of the time
(So poetic.)
Instead, I decided on the truth:
I walked to the store.
I bought groceries.
How I long to weave mystery into the every-day,
To paint colour in the black and white spaces!
I suppose, instead of inventing colours
I can look for what's hidden,
For the beauty already there.
I bought a flowered dress
Heard the voice of a child
Saw twins with their mother
An old couple holding hands side by side
Teenagers roaring by in cars, shouting and laughing
The sun warming my back as I walked home
(to you.)


Erica 6:39 PM  

i liked reading that.

Claire 7:04 AM  

Oooh I liked those a lot! Your poetry is the hidden beauty for the rest of us.

Annie 6:46 PM  

aw... thanks ladies :)