Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Verbal slip-ups

My job involves a lot of phone interaction with people. We get a lot of people calling for the same reason all day so we tend to have to repeat ourselves over and over again. For instance, people call in all the time to order refills of contact lenses. Our policy is that we have to get the patient's chart and check the last order to make sure we write down the next order correctly, while the patient waits on the phone. Consequently, I find I always have to say something along the lines of, "Can you hold for a minute? I have to go pull your chart". Sometimes my wording varies and I say, "Please hold for a moment, I have to find your file".

On busy, busy days (like today), my job starts to feel like I'm learning to juggle. I'm talking major multi-tasking. I tend to get a bit scattered as it gets busier in the office, so unfortunately, when someone called in today and asked to order more contacts, this is what I said:

"Excuse me while I go pull your FART".

Yes, "fart" is a combination of "file" and "chart".

Luckily the girl on the phone seemed to think it was pretty funny, as of course, did everyone else within earshot. There was much laughter.


Sonya 7:00 PM  

LOL!! Too funny. :)

Mandie 7:52 PM  

this is the best thing I've heard all day!

Jenny 10:49 PM  

Dear Annie!
1) I also enjoy finding new blogs...and I feel good that you ALSO have one! woohoo!
2) you are HILARIOUS!

Kristi 8:31 AM  

HAHA!! That's pretty amazing, I actually just laughed out loud.

ariane 12:23 AM  


Nathan & Tara 9:00 AM  

HAAAA! Love it :)

Nathan & Tara 9:04 AM  

excited for reading your blog :)