Tuesday, April 14, 2009

False Alarm

I'm very thankful and relieved to announce my migraine went away this morning. It's so random. Sometimes painkillers work, sometimes they don't. I got lucky today.

I'm annoyed with myself because I had a container of cheesecake out last night and I forgot to put it back in the freezer. Half a cheesecake... wasted! It should be considered a sin.

Uhhhhhh. That's all I have to say at the moment.


LUX 6:34 PM  

Ahh! I'm really sorry to here about your cheesecake, that sounds like a HORRIBLE situation...

oh and also the headache... hope you feel better!

Annie 9:30 PM  

Thanks! The headache went away... but not the trauma and horror from the ruined cheesecake. I would almost rather have the headache.

Anonymous 9:44 PM  

i'm glad your migraine disappeared.
but you really have to be more careful with cheesecake. or you need to take the motto that I (we) have with chocolate in general: 30 second shelf life, so eat it quick.