Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Here I go again...

... blogging about nothing. I'm like the Jerry Seinfeld of blogging. Except less funny. And far less rich.

I am rather annoyed by my hair in the banner photo at the top of the page. It looks like I had a rounder head of hair originally, and tried to fix it by photo-shopping/cropping around the edge, and missed a giant chunk at the top. But no, that's the way my hair actually is. Pretty!

I tried gluten free beer on Sunday. It's called La Messagere, and it's made from..... I'm not sure, actually. But it does not contain gluten. In fact, it does not even contain any flavour remotely resembling beer. It kind of tastes like yeasty, unsweetened, flavourless pop. I wouldn't recommend it. Luke says it would be better icy cold. We tried drinking it at room temperature. Gross.

Wedding planning has been chugging along. I'm (anxiously) awaiting the arrival of my wedding dress. I'm terrified I'll be too fat for it. I had to sign a very serious waiver stating any significant weight gain or loss affecting the fit of the dress would be MY problem. Luckily (?) I haven't had to worry about any significant weight LOSS. Sigh. You'd think I would be super motivated to get in shape considering the fact I am counting down to one of the biggest days of my life... but no. I guess I don't do well under pressure.

Okay, I swear this was the last post for today!


Mandie 8:14 PM  

Dear Annie,

You are beautiful and thin. Don't you dare think otherwise.

Also, Jerry Seinfeld is fantastic, even when he's not funny.

Anonymous 2:33 PM  

I was a complete cow on my wedding day(i felt)..u're soo skinny in camparison:) noo worries there, u'll look hot

Ash 10:00 PM  


Before I even read your comment on your hair, I was admiring that photo and thinking how beautiful you look! You are beautiful and you look beautiful in that photo!

Love Ash :)

Ash 10:02 PM  

PS. You are not fat and you will look absolutely stunning in your wedding - I am sure. And congrats if I haven't said so - already xxx