Thursday, April 16, 2009

Poor Woodstock...

I've been thinking a lot lately about the missing 8-year-old girl from Woodstock, Victoria Stafford. It's such an eerie situation, especially with the video showing her walking willingly away from her school with a strange woman no one seems to recognize.

It's been an odd year for Woodstock. First, the story about the family of 4 succumbing to carbon monoxide poisoning in their own home. That family lived on the same street as my parents. Every time I go to my mom's house I have to drive past the house where this family lay dead for days before the accident was discovered. The family's vehicles are still parked in the driveway of the house, and the porch light is still on. It's such an unsettling feeling.

And now the abduction of an 8 year old girl, in the same small town. I heard today America's Most Wanted will be featuring the story.

Being in the international news more than once in one year seems like a lot for a small Canadian town.


Luke 9:19 AM  

also, there was that murder a few months earlier, do you remember hearing about that?

poor woodstock indeed! hopefully things get better and they find that girl!