Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tommy K

You know, I'm feeling a little guilty. Not long ago I posted about Thomas Kinkade (or as I like to call him... "The Kink") and how much I dislike his work. According to the traffic feed on the right side of this page, a lot of random people from all over the States, Canada and Elsewhere have been searching for photos of Tommy K's work, and have been directed, by Google Images, to my blog. It makes me a bit sad to think that people out there who genuinely like The Kink's work and want to gaze upon it will be obliviously directed to my blog, which only has mean things to say about it.

I guess I could never be an art critic. I would feel too guilty. I mean, Thomas Kinkade is a real person and his artwork must flow out of something genuine, right? There must be a pure source of creativity within him inspiring him to paint from his heart..... right?

But...... I just...... puzzles. Really?


Sonya 12:29 AM  

"The Kink". ROFL

Erica 7:16 AM  

I think you would make a good critic! At least you're honest and don't beat around the bush...hahah

I guess a low light in one's career is to be put on puzzles. My kids often watch Yo Gabba Gabba (when they're home with they're dad) and I've noticed a few celebrities on the show. Elijah Woods, Jack Black, etc. It doesn't really say much for the famous person when they're art, whether it be visual or acting has to stoop so low.
But thanks for making me laugh! The Kink, really creative :)

LUX 7:41 PM  

I don't think you need in any way to feel guilty... any kind of artist is open to criticism and any artist worth his salt knows that you can't please everyone. Just because a few people saw your comments is no biggie. You are entitled to your opinion!

Jenny 6:59 AM  

Bahahaha. The Kink.
You are hilarious.