Wednesday, December 09, 2009

My Ever-Increasing Left-Brainedness

I do enjoy a good list. Here is a list of some recent happenings in my life:

- Today at work a random patient told me I looked like Chelsea Clinton. BARF.

- Yesterday at work a random patient walked up to the counter, looked at me and said, "Someone's having a good hair day!"

- Luke and I get to see The National Ballet of Canada's production of The Nutcracker next week!

- Today I observed Luke gleefully watching videos of young men dressed in cardboard costumes fighting each other with cardboard swords. To Metal. Thanks Caleb.

- It snowed last night. It is supposed to snow tonight!!

- Only 15 more sleeps until Christmas!!!


Caleb 9:00 PM  

Yeah, sorry about that one Chels

Sonya 10:54 AM  

Ouch! Chelsea Clinton? That's just cruel.

S. Michelle 3:59 PM  

So jealous of the Nutcracker. It's at the Jube in Calgary, I wish I could go. Sort of. I'll be in Japan instead.

Anonymous 6:03 PM  

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