Tuesday, January 26, 2010


This past Saturday Luke and I had some friends over for dinner. The list of friends included Nathan, Julie, Amanda and Bronson. We ate dinner together and had lots of laughs and played some games and ate some delicious cheesecake for dessert. It was a fun time.

Later on, long after everyone had left to go home, I decided to get ready for bed. I walked up the stairs, into the bathroom, opened the cupboard, and this is what I saw:

Here's a closer look:

Now, not one of my friends is 'fessing up. Who do you think it could have been?




Or.... Bronson?

Any and all votes are welcome!


Kristi 6:38 PM  

Julie. She loves monkeys. LOVES.

Annie 6:41 PM  

Interesting... also, according to her, she likes to go through people's bathroom cupboards... Hmmmm.

Julie 6:54 PM  

Ahaha this is hilarious! I love the way the monkey is placed! All seductive like! Okay I admit monkeys are my favourite animal but that would be WAY too obvious for me to place in the bathroom cupboard. I would place something better like a snake or something scary. But that monkey is hilarious. What bathroom is that even in? I am pretty sure we were all in the downstairs bathroom, but if it was the upstairs, I did not use that bathroom. I know Bronson and Nathan did, not sure about Amanda. If it was Nathan, I would know for sure. I vote Bronson.

Kristi 8:53 PM  

Denial. Interesting approach

The Leb 8:54 PM  

I vote Luke, I lived with him

Bronson 9:01 PM  

I wish I had thought of it. But if I had thought of it, you know it'd be cooler. My guess is either Amanda or Lucas. He'd be the one you'd last suspect.

Mandie 9:52 PM  

Is that the "use this washroom if you have to go number two" washroom? If so, I didn't use that one. It wasn't me.

Dorothea 11:14 PM  

It has to be Amanda! She's the most innocent looking of the bunch.
On the other hand it could have been Luke as well...

ariane 1:20 PM  

TRICK QUESTION. While you were busy dinner partying you hid it to spice up your life.

Luke 12:47 PM  

i predict nathan

Anonymous 6:15 PM  
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Bronson 7:45 AM  

I think anonymous is right, PREMATURE-EJACULATION-SOLUTIONS did it. Solved.

Anonymous 4:25 PM  
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