Monday, May 24, 2010


I've resorted to only updating this blog during major life changes. My latest major life change...? I'm pregnant! I'm sure everyone who reads this already knows this because of Facebook, but I felt bad about neglecting my poor little blog.

Right now I'm just about 13 weeks pregnant, due around December 1st. It's strange because I barely feel pregnant. I'm not really showing yet, and the morning sickness I had only lasted about 2 weeks, varying in intensity. I have gained some weight but right now that's all I can actually notice about myself physically.

I'm really happy about being pregnant. To be very honest, this isn't something Luke and I had planned for right now, but I am ecstatic just the same, and so is Luke. Sometimes it hits me and I realize in a few short months I will be holding my own baby and life will never be the same! This both scares me and makes me really happy.

My best friend Mary Anne just gave birth to her baby girl, Marley Summer, on May 22nd. I was privileged to be able to visit her just hours after she was born and it was amazing to hold her and think about my own baby coming into the world in December. These are such exciting times.

Me and beautiful Marley

I think she looks like both Mary Anne and Jordan in this picture

And this is our little jumping bean...


The Leb 12:25 PM  

Congratulations S. Allens! We're excited to meet little Brunch S. in December when we're home.