Thursday, October 21, 2010


So it turns out I am likely due December 1st after all, not, in fact, December 7th as the ultrasound seemed to show early on.

Luke and I have been going to prenatal classes here in Kitchener, and our incredible instructor informed the class that ultrasounds done to date a pregnancy have a margin of error of "2 weeks either side of the due date". Evidently not many people know this; WE certainly didn't. And this may be awkward, but we know precisely when we conceived, so only WE know for certain the most likely due date. Unless, SOMEHOW, some medical freak delay of conception occurred.

Let me just say we're pretty darn certain.

I think officially we'll just stick to our December 7th due date as our "official" due date, but now we're mentally prepared for this little bebe of ours to potentially make an earlier appearance. We're pretty flexible anyway so it shouldn't be a big deal.

In other news, my belly is getting gigantic! I have finally embraced this. After being told time and time again that I just simply MUST be due "any day now" by complete strangers all over town, I am realizing I think instead of wanting to punch everyone in the face, it's good to embrace a nice healthy belly. Big is beautiful... right? I'm beginning to think so!

Big ol' belly at 33+ weeks:

Yup, there's a baby in there!

I am so amused in this picture:


Sonya 1:26 PM  

I had the opposite situation to you with my first pregnancy. My baby belly wasn't very big. I was about 8 months pregnant and we were visiting Bethel Church (we were living in Abbotsford at that time). The couple sitting in front of us turned around to say hi and guessed that I was only about 4 months along. Boy were they shocked when I told them I only had a month to go!

All that to say that every pregnant woman is different but beautiful in her own way. :)

S. Michelle 12:01 AM  

Annie, you look fantastic. Just saying. I am glad you have embraced the belly. Soon it will be gone.