Sunday, October 24, 2010

Etsy... the best website of all time...

.... and the most dangerous, according to Luke. Every time I browse this website for baby stuff I find many MANY great things to covet. Most are reasonably priced and everything is handmade and great quality, but I'm telling you, the money adds up!

Here are a few super cute things I've found that I covet:

Lovely nursing cover:

It couldn't be Luke's child without something to do with drums:


Adorable bibs:

Stylin' diaper bag:

Too much great stuff! Seriously, there is so much more but blogger wouldn't let me post any more pictures with this post. Maybe that's a sign I should stop browsing...


Sarah G 12:15 PM  

K, you def need the nursing cover, they're a necessity and great!! And I LOVE that little drum shirt - get it!! lol

Annie 3:00 PM  

We share a credit card... or else I would have ALL that stuff! I think I'll definitely go for the nursing cover... pretty and useful :)

I found a cute little drum shirt at Baby Gap so I bought it instead... I can't believe how many cute onesies there are out there though. I'm telling you, Etsy is DANGEROUS.

Mandie 11:19 PM  

when I read this title I thought "Imma let you finish but..."