Monday, November 22, 2010

A Lady of Leisure

I am happy to report that it is Monday morning, and I am NOT hard at work ... I am at home enjoying christmas music and sipping coffee. Unless you consider that hard work...? It IS rather difficult... not knowing what to do today... sigh. :)

I DO know this won't last long. Our little guy will be here before I know it. I am enjoying the freedom while I can though! This morning I dropped Luke off at work (poor guy), got my free McDonald's coffee, bought a couple more diaper covers from a cute little store in Waterloo and now I'm at home planning out the rest of my day.

I suppose there are things that need to be done at some point... I could do a deep clean of both our bathrooms and throw in a load of laundry... hmmmm.... we'll see. Also I have some thank you cards to write. And christmas decorations to put up! I may get to all that later!

For now I'm having a great, relaxing morning. Aaaahhhhh.


Mr. Riddler 11:23 AM  

interesting blog concept. Well Hopefully you'll see this even you come back. You've got a lovely family :D