Tuesday, May 24, 2005


I am having the most crappy day ever. I had to cancel my car insurance because it's too freaking high, so now I can't DRIVE anymore. Plus, last night I hung out with a couple close friends in Niagara Falls for the long weekend fireworks and such, and I took a bunch of pictures and today they all got accidently deleted. ALL of them. They were super important to me and I had plans for them. I actually had a breakdown, crying in my room. Yikes. So, things are feeling dark right now. Dark, dark, dark. I can't explain it really. Things just aren't great.

Soooooooooooooo it's been awhile since I've been on this thing. Again, another typical blogger's comment. Oh well. I am just a victim of the system, I guess. Who cares? Anyway, yes, it's been awhile. I just haven't been around lately. Mehhhhh. Booooooring.

In a week and a half I'm going camping with a bunch of friends. Should be good, I hope. I should check the weather for that weekend as soon as I'm done here. Good idea.

I've been reading a lot of C.S. Lewis lately. He's great. "A Grief Observed" is a bit heavy. Good, but very heavy.

Well I hope you all have a terrific day... I am going to go check the weather now.


betha_boo 10:45 PM  

If one of those special friends were Daniel...then...shit...to him...

anyway, sorry you had a shatty day. I have had a couple of those in my time. The sun will shine again soon. I am pissed for you about your car that blows mightely.

Sigh...Did I mention that I may not make it to the funeral....i want to, I really do...but how the heck do you get there...and what is the deal?? Just show up?!

Gosh...this season is so blah...it is spring...doesnt that mean change?!?!

notorphanannie 8:26 PM  

funeral? or do you mean wedding? and if you do mean wedding, then what is the problem with getting down here? i thought you had a car or something? if you don't i'm sure there will be a way to get you down here. don't forget - sean malone and amber wood are also planning on attending. there will be a way. we'll chat about it.

anyway............ later