Monday, June 20, 2005


Welllllllll what is new in my life? A couple things... nothing worth spilling my guts over on here though. Maybe some other time.

Other than that... hmmm.... less than 10 days until I get on a plane and head out west. I really can NOT wait. It's been too freaking long. I may or may not have already said that in some other previous post.

Anyway, summer is pretty much here. Isn't the 21st of June the first day of summer? That's tomorrow. Niiiice. When it's summer time I feel like I'm on vacation even though technically I'm not. I DEFINITELY am not. Lately my shifts at work have stretched on longer than they usually do. Normally I get away with working only about 7.5 hours a day and now it's more like 8.5. (sob sob... boo hoo... poor me....right) I don't mind it though just because it feels like I'm on vacation. Just like I said before. Yes.

So I was just chatting on msn with my little buddy Adam Roy. I didn't know what to blog about so I asked him and this is the conversation:

Annie says:
dangit, what should i talk about on my blog? i am OUT of ideas

Royds...legalize it! says:
i g2g eat some shish kabobsies

Royds...legalize it! says:
talk about that!

Annie says:
i just might.... alright later

Royds...legalize it! says:

Yes. Fascinating, wasn't it? I am such a CREATIVE person to have thought of doing that... and how awesome is it that our conversation continued on for hours and hours, full of unique and interesting topics? Incredible.

Well I will just have to end this before it gets any more INTERESTING.


Anonymous 8:21 PM  

yes... shishkaboobsies barbecued in the sun, basted with coconut flavored marinade, and served in coconuts. that sure would be a spiffy thing. i see a lot of those at the beach.. some are overcooked, and some are really too large a portion for myself. anyway annie, this is chris, you gotta call me sometime when you get into town. party season is just getting rocking here. anyway, PEACE OUT. and have a gooder.

betha_boo 8:25 PM  

who the hell is chris?
chris byers?
chris beaver?
chris ????

hmmm....i just wonder these things.


You must must must tell me

notorphanannie 3:46 PM  

hey bethy... and chris... chris stocks i believe. there are too many chrisses around... in ontario anyway. thanks for the comment about the shishkaBOOBsies... yes...

and beth, i will call you this week! we can catch up. yup.

Jake-M 4:15 PM  

Hey Annie, remember me from St. Stephen?
I read you're post about not getting enough comments. Give it time.
Also I see by your blog's title that you are a Frou Frou supporter. Good call. Their music is very very nice.
Not much else to say other than that for now. I didn't feel right NOT leaving a comment knowing how much you desire them. So mission accomplished.

notorphanannie 12:17 PM  

thanks for the post! i do remember you... yes... the famous st. stephens university. peace!