Wednesday, June 15, 2005


I've recently noticed the lack of comments on my posts lately. It irks me. "Irks"... is that the right word? I think it is. I got complimented today for using the word "self-important"... kind of reminds me of the time my gr. 6 teacher told me I was smart for knowing the meaning of the word "cathedral". I mean, what? Is that really out of the ordinary for a grade sixer to know what a CATHEDRAL is? What has this world come to?

So in the usually un-interesting city of Hamilton, we had kind of a crazy situation downtown last night. Some guy was shooting at people from the top of an apartment building, and apparently he had a 12 year old hostage with him. There was a swat team out there and half of downtown was blocked off... and it was only around the corner from the building where I work. Scarrrrry.

Wow, I really feel like going to a concert. I don't even care which one or with who, really. I just feel like being in that environment. Some people I know are going to see Oasis this weekend. Luuuucky!

Anyone know how to get sand out of a camera? Let me know if you do.

Ok Latah!


betha_boo 12:15 AM  

I know...and don't know at the same time. It is probably right where you left it in the first should go know...where the fridge is...cuz I am sure you will find it in time.

COMMENTS! I love them too...I have not been on this damned thing for so damned long that I near damned forgot it existed.

OMG, we just HAVE to get together and talk of all the dramas in our lives...i have a few that may or may not have to do with the opposite sex.

okay...peace out homi g

notorphanannie 6:33 PM  

wooooooooooo! drama... i love it and hate it all at once.. but i ALWAYS love drama involving the opposite sex. you should come down here ASAP and we can hang out with hannah. it would be keen. we'll be in touch!!

notorphanannie 6:54 PM  

Wait - what the heck was the first paragraph of your comment all about? I read it over and over again and I am MYSTIFIED. I really can't find any connection to the blog entry you were commenting on.

betha_boo 8:23 PM  

where's the fridge?

notorphanannie 3:49 PM  

har har har