Wednesday, June 22, 2005


ok here's something new... one of those cheezy internet surveys i happened to stumble upon. enjoy... or not?

last cigarette: I don't like cigarettes. I've smoked a couple CIGARS lately, however
last alcoholic drink: Mmmmm, Fireball last night
last car ride: My mom and I just got home from Walmart in her crazy car. It was overheating and smoking the whole time and I think we almost died at least twice
last kiss: Hmmm...
last good cry: Ha! Yesterday ... I'm a little drama queen sometimes
last movie seen in a theater: I recently saw like 6 movies in a matter of 2 weekends so my guess is it was probably that hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy or something
last book read: "alias grace" by Margaret Atwood ... and this book about some lady who grew up in a polygamous mormon family... and one about an eating disorder clinic that got closed down. I usually have a few on the go at once.
last movie rented: "Closer" with jude law and natalie portman and julia roberts
last cuss word uttered: probably the good ol' "S" word
last beverage drank: Vanilla coke ... dangit... it was supposed to be that new C2 coke but the machine spit out the wrong can! DANGIT!
last food consumed: mcdonald's
last phone call: holly from work telling me I didn't have to come in if I didn't want to. yessss
last tv show watched: the O.C.
last shoes worn: flip-flops... do those count as shoes? I try and avoid shoes this time of year
last cd played: A mix CD.... with my latest favorite song... Don't Fear the Reaper by Blue Oyster Cult!!!!!!!!!
last item bought: a McDonald's meal
last download: I'm gonna go ahead and say Jimi Hendrix althought I have no idea if that's actually true or not
last annoyance: my camera giving me trouble... and lack of money
last disappointment: my camera giving me yet MORE trouble
last soda drank: Vanilla Coke.... dangit.
last thing written: probably something at work
last key used: the 'enter' key
last word spoken: "Danielle"
last sleep: this morning... fitful sleep... I should have slept in... It just didn't work...
last sexual fantasy: ha
last ice cream eaten: chocolate
last time amused: laughing at Danielle on the phone because she quoted lyrics from "Summer Girls" by LFO very randomly in a conversational tone
last time wanting to die: probably yesterday... again... drama queen.... seriously
last time in love: never
last time hugged: I'm not much of a hugger
last time scolded: I don't really get "scolded" anymore by anyone
last time resentful: yesterday
last chair sat in: computer chair
last lipstick used: this dark lipstick at Mary Anne's wedding, but then the cap came off in my purse and it leaked everywhere and a little bit even got on my bridesmaid dress
last underwear worn: does this mean CURRENT or LAST? currently just plain stripy normal underwear
last bra worn: strapless... Naomi's.... right now. haha!
last web page visited: this girl's online journal
last song listened to: "speed of sound" by coldplay


betha_boo 6:24 PM  

oh annie!!!!! I love this post, it is one of my favs. I feel as though I have had vision throug the vast forest of life that is you?!?!

okay call me...526-3932...we shall converse...about things

705 area code.
right oh chap....