Thursday, July 28, 2005

are you dateable?

Yes... so today on my lunch break at work I was skimming through some dumb magazine, and this one short article caught my eye. The question was, "Would you date yourself?". No... it's not some sleazy sexual question. Heh heh. It's more like if you were the opposite sex, would you find who you are now appealing and dateable? I usually like thinking about interesting stuff like that but I hadn't thought of that one before. It's not even necessarily about physical appearance... more like how you are personality-wise and what vibe you give off. So, the verdict is still out for me. I don't really know how I come across to the outside world... I'm mostly stuck in my own little world... yes that's me..... but anyway it was a new perspective.

Now, on a VERY negative note, how come low-carb bars are all automatically SO DISGUSTING? They all sort of taste like dust. Dust, and rubber - with a little fake-sweetness on the side. Actually, a LOT. Those things are overpoweringly sweet, and it's creepy knowing it's not even real sugar making them so sweet. And yet I continue to eat them. I will probably eat more before the week is out. I can't help it.

I decided earlier this week that one day I'm going to marry this exact guy - a skateboarder from SPAIN, who has longish shaggy black hair, wears hats and toques on a regular basis, has a name like "carlos" or "javier", has tattoos all up and down both his arms, and listens to spanish hip hop as well as many other forms of hip hop. AND classic rock. Yesssssssssssss. I can't wait for this marriage. You're ALL invited to the wedding because we'll be laid back like that, me and carlos/javier/some other random male spanish name.

Wellllll that's enough outta ME.... lata!