Wednesday, August 10, 2005


oh trashy celebrity magazines
why do i keep buying you?
you are so enticing,
but you always make me feel like crap
yet, i am addicted.

that is my bizarre piece of poetry for the day. hey, am i the only one who always mentally goes, " I before E except after C " every time i have to spell out a word like "piece"? i literally can't spell it out unless i go through the little rhyme. yes. i think my knowlege and intelligence are actually DIMINISHING. i keep thinking that i need to buy a dictionary these days when i'm reading any sort of book. i really don't know what a lot of the bigger words mean. it kind of sucks and i feel like an idiot. sooooo... dictionary. i should get one.

hmmmmm... the phone is ringing. my house is not one of those households where the phone is ignored when it rings. most of my friends live in houses like that where you have to call 2 or 3 times in a row before someone actually picks up the phone. here at my parents' house, someone usually picks up in the middle of the first ring. seems kind of desperate, yes? oh welllllllllllllll

today was SO WEIRD. i went to work and it turns out i didn't have to be there so i went home after an hour. it was very sunny and gorgeous out. then, all of a sudden, it was thundering and pouring like there's no tomorrow so my tanning was CUT SHORT - dang! anyway....... yeah, so that's the extent of the weirdness, except for the fact that i bought 2 celebrity trash magazines and got really depressed.

and now i'm downloading supertramp.. how ironic, since i don't like them! wowie.

gotta go..............


betha_boo 5:36 PM  

annie, my love,
i have a long time off of work which i have conveniently schedualed off...WOW SPELLING and GRAMMAR!

Anyway, I was wondering if I could stay with your for four days, and then I will off to Toronto for the rest of my break. I have ten days off in total, and I think that we should FOR sure head out to the Josh concert! I think it is a must! email me your thoughts

love you