Wednesday, July 27, 2005


You know what would be great right about now? A little sunshine. I'm not complaining about the rain that's been happening lately... it's actually pretty nice. I feel like I'm walking in a medieval forest when I walk to work underneath the trees in the mist. BUT- I pretty much want to get a killer tan as soon as possible, and the raininess is preventing that. There is really nothing like a REAL tan... tanning salons, sure they make you darker... but there's just something fake-looking about the look. A little orange-y maybe. Who knows. Anyway - I will be looking forward to the next sunny day in the mean-time.......

I have decided lately that WORKING OUT creates the best endorphin-high ever. I've been using my parents' workout room while they've been gone and I am just addicted to the treadmill. My favorite thing is running and listening to music... amazing how slow I am in discovering these things... I'm pretty sure everyone in the universe has already discovered this... but oh well. Better late than never. It's too bad that most gyms end up screwing the people over who get memberships. I would soooo join a gym... but I have this problem with commitment.... and with spending too much money... so I'm pretty sure that wouldn't work out for me. I'll stick to my jogging I guess.

Anyway - I think I just might go for a nice little jog now. Catch ya'll later

oh hey - if any of you care to, you can look at my photo album that includes many of my rambled-on-about summer happenings at this address...


prasad 11:49 PM  

Yeah I also love running and Listening to Music. Off late i have been listening to Gwen Steffani and Kelly Clasrkson..

betha_boo 5:44 PM  

oh annie...the tredmill. i have one. it has been frequented in the past bit. sometimes i think i am just not supposed to be thin...i am working my ASS off, and have denied myself the earthly pleasures of still...only lost two pounds in two weeks...


but I am glad you are getting a rush out of stuff.

Can't wait for saturday...really...i am super excited!

notorphanannie 5:52 PM  

oh bethy... yes... what's WITH that?? sometimes i think our bodies hate us. i never really lose anything even if i exercise my ass off, like you said. but randomly, when i least expect it, i lose a few lbs. man... so frustrating... doesn't make sense...

yes, so hannah is switching her shift from saturday to friday (if all goes according to plan) so i'll let ya know what's happening when i hear from her!