Wednesday, September 07, 2005

stupid hot girls

my title basically sums up every recent thought that has been formed and processed in my brain these days. STUPID HOT GIRLS. i think i hate all of them. they are out to get me, out to prove to me how i am NOT HOT. blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

anyway... i refuse to rant about that anymore.

so what's new? "not much". that's my extremely typical answer... all i'm doing is working and hanging out. working and hanging out. working and hanging out. i really sort of wish to have a PURPOSE. i've been thinking of taking dance classes again.... ahhhh, but then, the HOT GIRLS will be around me even more. i need to work out harder to become more acceptable, THEN i can take dance classes again. my logic is messed, probably, but who cares? anyway... yes... dance... possibly. and i have also been interested in taking up painting and drawing.... again. sort of. we'll see... everything costs money, of which i have VERY LITTLE.

bla bla bla. but seriously, things aren't going THAT horribly! i sound so cynical on here. things could be way, way worse. my grandpa is coming to visit today from BC. it's always nice to see family. my brother WAS going to come here, but i think he ran out of money... so i doubt that he will... that is sad. hmmmmmm. what else? i kind of wish i could go to school, but at the same time, i don't. who knows what i'll do with my life? i have no idea. i hope i find something i'm interested in or something i actually have resources for. whatever that means. hopefully i'll get more money one of these days. maybe i should start gambling... yeah! gambling.

welllllllll i should go