Friday, August 11, 2006

boredom. boredom.

boredom. boredom. boredom.

i have not found a good book for summer reading this year. it has been awful. i need, NEED a good summer book. last year i had a ton of books that i just plowed through, each one really interesting. this year = nothing = BOREDOM. maybe part of the reason for this is that i failed to return a whole swack of books to the library i took out this past spring, and i owe the hamilton public library something like $80.00. so.... boredom. boredom.

i haven't really been much of a "go-getter" this summer. i haven't had any big ambitions for things i've wanted to accomplish. normally i would be panicking right now, RIGHT NOW, about not having visited my favorite beach (long point) yet. i also would be kicking myself for not planning a Canada's Wonderland day for the summer. i don't know why i don't care as much this summer... it kind of sucks. maybe because it's been so hot? i don't know. anyway, summer is almost over and that means that time is running out to get some of this stuff done. sigh............ sigh

welllllllllllllllll i'm being distracted right now so i'm gonna get going..........


Sonya 12:09 AM  

I sympathize with you about the whole book thing. Summer holidays are when I enjoy reading the most, but this year I have yet to find any really great 'beach books'. I even went to Chapters again today. No luck. Last month I picked up "The Guardian" by Nicholas Sparks to read while camping. It was better than nothing, but not my favorite book of all time.

notorphanannie 10:34 AM  

i hear ya .... i just finished reading "monster" by frank peretti... the end was ok but the whole thing seemed like a bad, formulaic movie most of the time. not my idea of a good summer read. i'm about to start reading a margaret atwood book... i don't have too much hope for it though.

Sonya 2:05 PM  

Ugh...I read "Monster" last year. SO predictable!

notorphanannie 10:23 PM  

AHH! i know!

oh, frank. frank, frank, frank.

Tennille 8:06 AM  

Ever read Memoirs of a Geisha? I really liked that one.

notorphanannie 7:01 PM  

actually i read it last summer.... really enjoyed it! haven't seen the movie though.