Saturday, August 12, 2006

friggin' awesome

Wanna hear a friggin' awesome story?? Ok.... today I met a lady who thought I was in ELEMENTARY SCHOOL. Here's how it went:

My parents are moving to a nearby town called Woodstock.... I went with them today to meet this realtor and to look at a ton of houses. So we met this lady, got to the first house, and she started telling us about the perks about the neighbourhood. She turned to me and said, "What grade are you in, Annie? We have a few great elementary schools in the area".
I just coldly stared at her for a few seconds, and then bluntly said, "I'm 22."

UGH...... UGH.

The End.


The Ken 6:21 PM  

Nice one. You've found the key to perpetual youth. Now you just need to make it a cream, sell it and make millions.

notorphanannie 7:35 PM  

yeah, because every woman wants to look ELEVEN.


Tennille 4:23 AM  

Now, you know the generic "feel better" line is "you'll be so thankful for that when your older" Bah! The comes the daydream where you watch that person's head blow up that dared to utter such a ridiculous statement!

notorphanannie 4:12 PM  

THANK YOU!!! i'm pretty sick of the stupid "i'm just saying this to make you feel better, but i really just honestly don't know what to say because you DO look really young" line which seems to be so popular.

Tennille 5:27 PM  

People can be so predictable