Thursday, August 10, 2006

breathing probs = stress?

yesterday i got to work in the morning, and as the morning was progressing, i noticed that i was finding it hard to breathe. technically i guess you could call it "shortness of breath"... like there was a weight on my chest. i called my family doctor and her receptionist told me to go to emergency (actually, it was more like " 'haha! of COURSE you should be going to emergency. HA!"). anyway, i went down to the hospital, which very fortunately is directly across the street from where i work, and went to wait in emergency. meanwhile my breathing was still rather shallow. thankfully, my entire hospital visit ended up being less than an hour. miraculous. i was completely normal. they took my blood pressure, pulse, listened to my heart, bla bla bla, and nothing was out of the ordinary. the doctor basically said, "are you feeling stressed out or anxious about something?" and prescribed Valium. Ha ha! I am not feeling particularly stressed out at all these days.... and now i have a bottle of valium. strange.

well... at least my breathing seems to be fine now.


Sonya 11:47 AM  

Wow! Valium, eh? I could have used some of that yesterday!!! :)

Tennille 3:01 AM  

Oooo, don't tell that to my clients. The emergency room will be full of people claiming "shortness of breath". It's funny how one little pill can solve all your problems....?