Tuesday, August 08, 2006

ugh, lavalife.

Man.... lavalife.... what a mistake. One moment of rummed-up-edness led to a not-so-great idea. Maybe it's great for some people. I can't stand the barrage of "smiles" sent my way by strangers who are, sadly, very lonely people, pretending not to be. I can understand the lonely part, but some things just don't really CLICK with me. Honestly, signing on and checking my account kind of makes me feel sick to my stomach. I'm not really sure why. But it was a bust I tell you, a bad idea! Don't do it!

Gahhhhhh... lately I've been just too attracted to this famous skateboarder guy..... oh boy. You don't even know. Actually, you can know.

yup. dangit.

ok, that is basically my dream guy right there.

okkkkkkkkk i should go, because my brain has stopped working, it seems..... nothing. more. to. say.


Tennille 4:18 AM  

Hey Annie,
Exactly how much rum did you have? Lavalife? Oh well, it's worked for some. Nice one with the pic, kinda reminds me of another skateboarder that you fancied up here in the 'Loops at one point. You've always kinda been into the bad boy skater typ hey? ALthough, I can definately see the attraction factor.

notorphanannie 9:04 AM  

haha.... yes. skater boys. i do seem to have a thing for them.
luckily i only had about a shot of rum. it turns out i'm mildly allergic to alcohol (really) so it can affect me a little more than it should.

speaking of that skater boy, how's he doing? still in kamloops?

barbschellenberg 2:31 PM  

(Sonya's sister here)I totally made the Lava Life mistake too!! I JUST took my profile off there yesterday, as I also was tired of all the lame "smiles" sent my way, despite the detailed profile of the kind of guy I was looking for.What'sa single girl to do? :(

notorphanannie 11:16 PM  

:) :) :)

i'm so happy that i'm not the only one who has tried and failed at lavalife! .... so encouraging to hear from another single sistah!

Tennille 2:59 AM  

THe particular skater boy, well, he's....himself, I guess. He's living with his girlfriend here in the 'Loops in a house that he just bought. He's working at the Toyota dealership as a repair mechanic. So yeah, that's the 411 on him.

notorphanannie 9:07 PM  

wow, his life is always completely different every time i ask about him. craziness. anyway, thanks for the "411"...