Sunday, August 06, 2006

what hanging out alone will do to you

This weekend (the august long weekend...) I have spent almost all of my time alone. Ian and Val went camping with HCFers. This is actually quite a good thing. Most of the time I feel super-stressed out with people coming and going and taking up all of my space, so having the house to myself has been amazing. Amazing-ish. Late last night as I was mindlessly surfing the net, I got the brilliant idea to sign up for Lavalife. Yes... you know. The online dating website. This idea may have been partly helped along by the rum and gingerale I had just partaken of. Yes, alone. I drank rum when I was alone. ANYWAY, I signed up for an account with Lavalife. I really don't think it will go anywhere. I've always said to myself that internet dating would be a last resort. I am really, really not interested in internet dating. But to be honest, when will it be the last straw? When will it be time to turn to my last resort? It could be anytime, really. I don't know. I don't know, man. I had rum. It was the rum.

Tomorrow, Sunday.... another glorious sleep-in. Church will be nonexistant seeing as everyone I know went camping. I will not go. I think most people are going to their respective cottages. I would like to visit a cottage, but I do not have one. Every time I see "cottage" typed out I want to pronounce it the french way, like rhyming with "fromage". Heh heh heh.

Ew, oh my gosh.... there are probably 5 huge, disgusting houseflies in here. Why?


The Ken 6:54 AM  

Maybe the housflies smelled your rum.

I had a strange French pronunciation thing going on recently. I don't know if you have them in Canada but in the UK we have a type of steel-wool scouring pad called a "brillo pad". For a while there, I was imagining they were invented by a Frenchman whose name was Brillo and I was pronouncing it "bree-oh" with the French throaty "r". Much more sophisticated-sounding than brill-oh.