Thursday, August 17, 2006

Mi Casa

Last night my housemates partied until 7:30 AM. Yes. I said 7:30 AM. On a wednesday night. So far this week they have partied into the wee hours of the morning every single night... but last night was the longest partying session so far. I'm pretty sure I need to catch up on a LOT of sleep at this point. The music was so loud. The bass. It came through my ceiling. The yelling. The walking around noisily. The JUMPING, right above me. Occasional loud thumps. Right until 7:30 AM.

Speaking of my house and beings who live in it, we have a mouse. It's a tiny little fella. We tried killing it with a conventional trap but it was too smart for us. It ate the peanut butter off of it without getting caught.

Mice should be spies. They manage to live in many homes for months at a time without being detected. They steal food, they live in cupboards, they use our space. They tend to be fairly stealthy. They are hard to find. They are hard to kill. They can hide almost anywhere. They can squeeze into extremely small spaces. They use the element of surprise to throw us off. Man.... mice. They practice true espionage.

That's all for now.


Sonya 5:17 PM  

Eww...I hate mice. Especially when they're in my house. I'm also not a fan of all-night party animals!

Tennille 8:05 AM  

oh come on Sonya, you love me though, right? ;o) I do sympathize with you though Annie, when I lived with 2 of my friends and I had to work at 5am, they would still party 'til, like, 3am. Yeah, not impressed.

Sonya 2:50 PM  

Tennille ~ You are not an all-night party animal. Much. Not of the variety that annoys me, anyways! :)

Tennille 6:11 AM  

Well as long as I'm not the annoying type. ;o) Annie, you still out there somewhere?