Monday, April 30, 2007

Settled in at my new plaaaace

So this past weekend my stepsister Valerie and I moved into a new apartment. I can't believe how much we both LOVE it. The house we had been in previously was an old building converted from a house to a bunch of apartments for students... on our floor there were 4 of us. We generally had nice big bedrooms but had no dining room and the kitchen SUCKED. It basically wasn't a kitchen. The storage situation was a big problem.... a tiny refrigerator... tiny oven. Every single room in the house was as dark as a cave most of the day and even though the ceilings were high and the bedrooms were roomy it felt as though we were all crammed in there, stepping around each other all the time. Living with boys didn't help either, especially with the tidiness factor.

So... our new apartment is beautifully bright, comfortable and the kitchen is incredible... compared to our old one, at least... lots of storage (I get my own gluten-free cupboard!), regular-sized fridge and oven... all that good stuff missing from our last apartment. The place is so bright and airy, our rooms are cozy, we finally have a dining room with a table and chairs...... ahhhhhhhhhhh I love it! We made the place officially ours yesterday by watching Centre Stage. And Arrested Development.

Yesterday was Claire's birthday so I went to HCF in order to celebrate said birthday with Claire and other peeps. I enjoyed going to church, I haven't been to HCF in a long time. A lot of people I know have been trying out different churches lately. Mary Anne and Jordan went to a Mennonite church in Waterloo. My parents have various house churches. Occasionally I go to the meeting house in Oakville (or is it Mississauga? I forget). Last week I went to Jolene's church up in Newmarket. Next year I will hopefully be living out in the Kitchenerish area if all goes according to plan. I hope I can find a good church out there. But luckily that is a year away.... nothing to worry about right now! I'm thinking that HCF will be good for me for another year.

Anyway, I should get going. Work calls.


Anonymous 2:37 PM  

I love that you christened your apartment by watching Centre Stage. We were discussing that movie in lyrical class 2 weeks ago - believe it or not, one of the girls has NEVER seen it. I love that movie, the acting sux, but the dancing makes up for it tenfold.

Annie 2:44 PM  

yeah. the acting is disgusting. but every dancer MUST see it!

Mandie 4:06 PM  

Oh man, I love Centre Stage. I'm not even a dancer. Charlie's inability to act is charmingly attractive.

Yay for mennonite churches in Waterloo! I bet your friends came to my's a good one. :o)

Ash 10:55 PM  

I'm glad you like your new place - sounds really nice. I've never watched Centre Stage and I love dancing, so I'll have to get that out one day :)