Sunday, July 15, 2007

Oh, Mother Nature.

So the "beach day" intended for yesterday didn't exactly turn out as planned... it ended up raining for most of the day. After less than an hour at the beach, which though rainy was very beautiful, we drove to Waterloo and hung out in a William's and played president. Yes.... president. Best card game EVER, except for Dutch Blitz, of course. After we killed enough time at William's we went to the Flying Dog restaurant and I tried the famous pad thai, which was amazing. Spicy... but amazing. After dinner we drove back to Hamilton and watched "Unbreakable", an older M. Night Shyamalammalammalallamammalon movie which was AWESOME. I don't understand how the rest of his movies got so much publicity and this one didn't. Maybe because it was older? But I think it might have been more recent than the Sixth Sense? I don't know. Anyway, good movie. Highly recommended.

Today is beautiful and SUNNY and I'm not at the beach. Disappointment reigns. The parents are coming over soon from Woodstock and the whole fam will hang out, maybe down at the bayfront. I'm hoping to partake of some soft ice cream.... summer favourite. I'm feeling the pressure to ENJOY this summer as lately summers have been flying by more and more quickly. Oh, if only Canada was a tropical country.

Well, Ariane is wanting me to read an MSN article entitled "Should you kiss her?" which she says is funny so I am going to go read it.


luke 2:25 PM  

you'll have to link that article!

also, i told you so. that movie is GREAT! well... i guess you didn't offer any skepticism.

"this one has a surprise ending"

he's working on another one out in 2008, eh? can't wait! i still need to see lady in the water.

have fun at the bayfront with the fam!

Mandie 5:00 PM  

this has nothing to do with your post, but I would just like to say, that there is a CELIAC boy up here who is pretty cute. He came in today and chatted it up. he's even from Kitchener...haha.

Dorothea 9:37 AM  

Yeah I would like the link to that article as well. Hehe.

Annie 5:16 PM  

The 'article' was actually more of a quiz. Not as interesting as it could have been!>1=10185

Dorothea 9:14 AM  

Yeah that was a weird quiz. lol.