Thursday, July 12, 2007


Why is it that every time I go to post a blog I can't think of a frigging TITLE? I sit here paralyzed, staring at the screen, running options through my head and mentally rejecting each one for whatever reason. Yeesh.

So yesterday was FREE SLURPEE DAY at 7-Eleven. You'd better believe I headed over to the nearest store and got me one. Luke and I even looked 7-Eleven up online to find the closest one. And it's true.... on July 11 you get a slurpee, albeit a tiny one, for free. Mark July 11 on your 2008 calendars, everyone!

Then, after the free-slurpee-dom we headed to the good ol' Westdale Theatre and saw the movie "Sicko". "Sicko" is a documentary about the American healthcare system and how it sucks, made, of course, by Michael Moore. I have always been pretty turned off by his abrasive approach to criticizing certain people and things but I very much enjoyed this movie. This could also be because I have found myself thinking more and more like a liberal over the past few years. Anyway, the movie made me realize that even though our medical expenses are not entirely covered here in Canada for EVERYONE (ie, prescriptions, dental, etc.) we really are very lucky. I would encourage you (yes, YOU) to see this movie.

This Saturday we (Me, Luke, Mary Anne, Jordan) are BEACHING IT UP. I am going to enjoy the experience very, very much. Besides, since tomorrow is Friday the 13th all the bikers in the universe will be going to Port Dover for the weekend.... and we're going to Long Point, half an hour from Port Dover! How can the day not be awesome? Bikers, man! Bikers! Then we're going out for dinner in Waterloo at a place that serves some reputedly amazing gluten-free pad thai. Are you reading this Amanda? Yes.... we're going to that restaurant you told me about. I can't think of the name of it right now, simply because there is a cafe in Grimsby with almost exactly the same name and I know I'll type in the wrong name and feel like a dufus.

Ahh yes... 'dufus'. Apparently I've been spelling 'dufus' wrong all along. Up until very recently I had been spelling it "doofus". Oh, the irony.


amanda 3:17 PM  

I'm jealous.

amanda 3:18 PM  

also, free slurpees on july 11 (7/11). So clever.

Annie 5:13 PM  

Ahhh, okay, I just found out the one in Grimsby is called The Smiling Dog.... that's why I was confused.

Tennille 2:21 AM  

Pad Thai MMMMMMMMMMmMMMMm!!! I love it! Slurpy's, not a big fan, but a small one is tolerable. I'm also going to the lake this Saturday!! I'm hoping it's not going to be so crowded we can't even swim. We'll have to see...

Annie 9:00 AM  

The laaaaaake! I miss the lake! So much! Have SO much fun. Have a bonfire and think of me.

Anonymous 12:12 AM  

I just wanted you to know that I named one of the jays that hangs out around our house "dufus" ... he's got the funniest feathers on his head, and it looks like an effed-up mohawk.