Monday, July 09, 2007

Sharon............ what have you done to me???

Oh, also, this is the cat that lives at my brother's house, Steve Holt. The picture was too good to not post.


Anonymous 12:08 AM  

I'm a little sad that you can only get the Sour Nerds. But I must say ... that I am incredibly jealous of the sheer size of your Nerds.

Annie 12:11 AM  

i like my nerds big.

that's what she said, by the way.

Anonymous 12:25 AM  

Yes well I like my Nerds life-size as well ... with nice hair and a great smile. Haha.

Dorothea 10:47 AM  

I love how you guys give full names to your cats.
Are cats the only ones who get such name treatment? Do you guys have other pets as well with such names?

Annie 5:36 PM  

Well, we named George Michael after a character on the show Arrested Development... and then Dan Guerra got a cat when Val and I took George Michael when we moved, and he named it Steve Holt after another character on Arrested Development :)

Dorothea 9:26 AM  

That's hilarious. You guys really love Arrested Development.

I thought Steve Holt was at your brother's house. Is that Dan's house as well?

Annie 4:48 PM  

Yes :)