Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Isn't it ironic? Don't you think?

Go figure... as soon as I post about how I'm not posting as often... I become a posting MONSTER.

I almost spelled it 'MONSTOR'. That would have been silly.

So, our weather continues to be disgustingly hot. And when I say hot I don't mean the enjoyable dry roasty heat that lets up a bit when the sun goes behind a cloud or you step into the shade... no... I mean the nasty humidity that doesn't EVER let up. It's after 9:30pm right now and it is swelteringly hot in my room. Even a fan doesn't help all that much.

The good news is that I get to go camping this weekend... up north! Where humidity barely exists! A few of us are heading up to Tobermory. Apparently it is really beautiful up there; clear cold water, caves... uhhh... camping........ and.... shoot. I can't think of any other specifics but I have heard from more than one source that it is a great place. So, you can definitely expect a crap-load of pictures posted on here if I end up going. But... CAMPING! Marshmallow roasting... campfire sitting... game playing... star gazing... hiking... swimming.... late nights and lazy mornings. I can't wait.

There isn't too much else going on at the moment. Claire and I went out for dinner tonight to the Gown & Gavel in Hess. We went there specifically to see if there really is a collapsed restaurant down there, which she had heard about.... and there is! Weird, right? A totally collapsed building for no apparent reason. I don't think there had been a fire. How did it collapse? Neither of us know what happened. But there is a caved-in restaurant.

Shoot. My internet connection just shut itself off. AND, the phone doesn't work, I just checked it. Cogeco has been effing up lately and I HATE THAT.

In closing.... some recent quotes:

1. Ariane: "It is impossible to be a music snob and not know who Sufjan Stevens is."

2. Annie: "Stop playing the devil's advocate!" ... Luke: "I'm not playing the devil's advocate. I'm playing GOD'S advocate"

Ooooh... I can't think of any more. But I will post more if I can think of them.


Dorothea 9:09 AM  

Luke "playing GOD'S advocate"? Good one. lol.
I am so annoyed that I will miss camping with you guys. We keep saying we'll meet up sometime. "Maybe some other time, maybe some other time". I am starting to hate this phrase.
Have a great time.

dearbethany 2:11 PM  

camping. so fun.

Claire 3:08 PM  

You failed to mention that I was highlighter-head for the evening. And I wonder why I don't get asked out...hmmmm....