Monday, August 20, 2007


I am pretty much procrastinating right now. I SHOULD be typing for the office, but I just did a bunch of that and I want to take a break before I start on another tape. The thing is... I know I should just do it right now while my energy is up or else I won't do it for days. Procrastination is a PAIN. In the butt.

I will talk about my weekend.

On Friday, went to Costco with Luke and Luke's mom. Then went to the Outback and had a FANTASTIC dinner with them. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.... gluten free and delicious. Then I hung out with the Roy duo and Ian: went to William's for some coffee, went back to casa del Roy (Ooh, that translates into "House of the King"! Fancy) for some Boggle and some Smirnoff. Ended up staying overnight, then had breakfast first thing in the morning at the Egg and I, a restaurant with a yummy breakfast menu. Got dropped off at home just in time to start getting ready for Julie's wedding in St. Catharines. Straightened my hair... threw on a dress... and headed out the door just in time to drive to the wedding with Ian, Val, Ariane and Danielle. On the way there ran into some HEAVY traffic on the QEW and was 20 minutes late for the wedding which luckily hadn't actually started yet. The wedding was great... Julie and Nathan are hilarious, a great couple. The reception that evening was a blast. Weddings with unlimited wine and dancing tend to be pretty rad.

The highlite of the wedding for me would have to be seeing Mom and Art dancing to the Blackeyed Peas and Fallout Boy.

Yes.... Fallout Boy!

We drove back and on the way home rocked out loudly to Styx - Come Sail Away. Best song to rock out to EVER - Try it. Seriously.

On Sunday Luke and I saw Damon's play, "Nailing the Hammer". Very well done... I haven't been to a play in ages. Then we hung out for a bit and went out for coffee to Williams with Ian. Hmmmmm.... I go to William's a lot. Hmmm.

Yup - that was my weekend. And now I should really do some more typing.


Sonya 6:21 PM  

I can't imagine your mom dancing to anything, let alone FOB! Sounds like a blast!

Dorothea 7:08 PM  

Wow. All that in a weekend? You sure jammed in a lot.