Monday, September 17, 2007

explosions in the sky.

Well Ariane, as promised here is my post on the song you sent me by Explosions in the Sky.

First of all, I frustratingly can't remember the name of the song... I think maybe there are a couple words in the title that start with the letter 'S'..... and maybe the title is 3 words long. My lack of knowledge of the actual title doesn't betray my true emotion about the song, however. I really like it. In fact I think I like it so much I am already afraid that I might listen to it TOO much, ruining the awesomeness. This happens to me. I know it happens to other people too... it's the "overplayed syndrome" that often happens with top-40 songs that could be rather good songs but are so overdone over time that they often end up being hated in the end. So, I have recognized the danger in this situation and I am attempting to hold back. I have witnessed people like Ian diving into a song and playing it literally 4 or 5 times in a row because of how good it is and I don't want to take the edge of the song off so quickly.

The song is completely instrumental but a very compelling MODERN instrumental, which is probably the best fusion of styles done in ages. It doesn't sound sci-fi (although it ironically reminds me of outer space) and it doesn't sound like Coldplay (2 accomplishments right there). Nothing against Coldplay. I actually enjoy Coldplay. Coldplay is just so........ Coldplay. You know? Their music as of late has been fairly 1-dimensional. What I'm looking for in a good instrumental piece is layers of different things going on in the song, wrapping up into a certain statement by the end... a song that leaves you feeling a certain way, but not a certain feeling that you can easily define.

Take this Explosions song for instance. When listening to it I feel a hint of sadness, a hint of happiness, a hint of hope and a hint of something else... maybe yearning. I don't know. And that's the point, I think, the fact that I can't pin it down. I like a song to be complex enough in its artistry that I am not sure why I feel the emotions that I do, rather like a good painting or poem.

The song is very short. It gets its point across quickly but not without depth. There are no vocals. It's not a ballad that vaccuums you in and tries to manipulates you with lyrics about unrequited love or raw emotion.... a formula often used by such diva songstresses as Celine friggin' Dion. Or even certain emo bands. Actually, ESPECIALLY certain emo bands. No. It makes a subdued, gentle statement, but winds up being powerful in its subtlety. So refreshing, when musical artists know you don't need an overly obvious statement, that you as a listener are intelligent enough to pick up the undertones of meaning in a song.

I think you (yes, YOU) should download it and it is sad that I can't remember its title. Ariane? Can you help me out?


ariane 4:28 PM  

Aaha. I only ragged on you cause you totally told me you were going to write about it. The title is so long lonesome. And it is the shizz. I liked your description. I bought a sketchbook. I'm going to carry it with me everrrrrrrrrywhere. AHA!

Annie 11:21 AM  

ohhh yes, i remember now.


YOU'RE sketchbook.