Sunday, September 16, 2007

I'm heeeeeeere

Well, I arrived in BC safe and sound, apart from dealing with the aftermath of having to sit on a plane next to someone with rank BO and a few rows ahead of a screaming child.
Right now it's quarter to 8 in the morning and I got to bed at 3 am Ontario time.... I should be exhausted but I can't sleep. Jet lag! Only a 3 hour time difference and I'm a wreck. I'm such a weakling.

I'm already excited about doing the little stuff I used to do when I lived here.... drinking coffee with my dad on the back porch, walking downtown with dad to get a coffee, all the Starbucks runs with dad to get coffee. Yeah, that's basically all I can think of right now...

For those of you who live in Kamloops I can't wait to see you! It's been too long.

For those of you in Ontario, I actually miss all of you already. It's one thing to actually be in Hamilton and not see some of you for weeks but it's another thing entirely when I'm a whole country span away from you and can't see you if I really wanted to. Ha ha. It's a strange thing.

I'm going to try and sleep some more so I don't go crazy while I'm here.


aranus! 12:56 AM  

still haven't blogged about explosion in the sky. WHO DOEST THOU THINK THOU ART! bleh. kay. I did it sleep thyme.