Saturday, September 15, 2007

Leaving on a jet plane...

Okay. I feel a LOT better today. What a relief.... no headache. I think my headache last night was just from stress and nothing else, not one of those monster migraines that makes me want to vomit. Well, not WANT to vomit, but you know what I mean.

I'm getting really excited about going to BC now. I even actually love the travel experience, if everything goes okay. It's sort of relaxing sitting on a plane for a few hours knowing you are being taken care of and that you basically don't have to do anything for yourself. Aaaaaah, sweet laziness. And if I have my music, books, crossword puzzles and snacks... I'm all set. Flying out west is nice because you get to follow the sunset. My flight leaves at 6:30 so maybe it will be dark by then? I don't even know.... but it's nicer than flying from BC to Ontario because then it's pitch black the whole way there.

I had some weeeiiiird dreams last night. I dreamt that my stepdad Art got to go see Sufjan Stevens on MY birthday, and that he didn't even enjoy it. And, my family threw me a big birthday party and there was cake and cookies everywhere... I looked at all these people chowing down on all MY birthday food and I was like, "so I'm assuming this is all gluten free, right?" ... and my family was like... "ohhhhh. shoot. no... it's not." and I was SO angry.

I actually really need to finish packing now. I'll take pictures and what not when I'm gone and post on here if I get a chance (which I'm sure I will).