Friday, September 14, 2007

Maybe a head transplant?

I'm leaving for BC tomorrow night. I'm pretty excited, but right now this is all I know:

a) I currently have a headache, the third one this week, and I can't figure out why. Am I eating gluten?

b) Almost all of my clothes are dirty. I can't wash them in time to have clean clothes when I leave because I don't have a million quarters and loonies to use the laundry facilities in my apartment.

c) I still don't totally know how I'm getting to the airport. Apparently my mom is driving me but the certainty of that is still pending.

d) Most of all, I hate that I have this headache. I know it will last all night, be worse in the morning, and no medication will help at all. Plllllllease God, please make it go away. PLEASE.

Stupid, stupid, stupid. Maybe it's just stress. I hope. Because then my holidays will help me feel better.

Maybe tomorrow I'll feel good and I'll have a happier post before I leave.


Anonymous 11:04 PM  

Motrin( 400mg) helps me sometimes.
Maybe it is stress. Just reading your post stressed me out. lol
Just take a moment and maybe you just need some rest tonight.
I'll keep you in my prayers.

Have a great and safe trip.


Annie 11:57 AM  

Thanks Dorothea, I feel TONS better today... I took something like Motrin, so maybe that's a better choice than Tylenol which seems to kill my stomach. Anyway, thanks!