Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Many Statuses.

Every time I update my status on Facebook I wish there could be the option of posting more than one status at a time. I always have a hard time picking which status I am feeling most. Tonight I think my post will be simply a list of all the statuses I could put on Facebook right now... which is rather convenient seeing as how it's been so long that I've posted, no one knows what I've been up to or how I've been feeling:

Annie is ... happy she had today off.

Annie.... misses Luke, who had to go to Germany for a week on a work training thingy.

Annie is... really loving the show Intervention lately.

Annie... went to ballet class last night for the first time in ages and is now sore as HECK.

Annie is... INSANELY HAPPY there is a new Starbucks a mere few blocks away from where she lives.

Annie is... really annoyed at the car alarm blaring nonstop outside behind her building.

Annie is... moving to Heather's house temporarily in less than a month, and then moving to Waterloo at the end of June.

Annie... still thinks George Michael (her cat) is ridiculously cute.

Annie is... realizing this post may be rather boring to the average person and has decided to stop typing now.


a-klas. 1:00 PM  

heeeeey kid
I didn't blog for the time my computer broke. Then I started again. But it was broken for like 2 months. So thats... poop. I come home on MONDAY.

Annie 1:16 PM  

hooray! this means we can hang out. when you're not hanging out obsessively with your friends (val and i are slightly bitter)

Anonymous 12:48 AM  

I will sympathize (this does not look right to me) with the car alarm. It is almost 10pm, and there is construction vehicle baking up beeping going on. I don't get it. Seriously.

Dorothea 10:06 PM  

ah don't stop! That was a well informing and amusing blog. I seen a new style of blogging in your future.