Thursday, May 01, 2008

I like this boy...

... And his name is Luke.

Okay, I'm not totally sure what the exact point of this post is other than to show off my boy, AKA B.F., AKA Main Squeeze, AKA Significant Other, AKA partner in crime, AKA better half, AKA "special friend", AKA sugar daddy, AKA any other synonyms I can't think of right now.

Check us out.

Well, you can't say we're not INTERESTING.


Mandie 12:27 AM  

you two are cuuuuuute :o)

Lord Kerrance 9:26 AM  

Except you'll soon both be HURT in a CAR WRECK when Luke keeps driving like that! 10 and 2! 10 and 2!!!

Sonya 9:33 AM  

You guys make a very cute couple.

Erica 12:32 PM  

awww! You guys look fun!

Dorothea 8:16 PM  

Sugar daddy eh? Interesting...

Luke 8:52 AM