Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Yesterday I had an appointment to donate blood at the local Canadian Blood Services clinic. I went down there after work and got ready to be poked and prodded. The first thing they did was poke my finger to test my blood for iron to see if I would be eligible to donate. What they do is put a drop of your blood in this solution, and if it sinks your iron levels are fine and if it floats to the top your iron is probably low. In my case it floated. So, they put another sample of it into this machine to assess it further and I didn't pass. The levels were too low. So I can't donate blood! Go figure. I had no idea. Anyway, then I got a talking to by a nurse in the clinic who showed me all these pamphlets about proper iron intake and was told to go buy vitamins.

I am now sitting at my computer, my stomach paining me, after ingesting an iron supplement. It's NOT a comfortable feeling. Maybe I should go eat some liver?


Sonya 11:34 AM  

I had no idea that they tested for iron before allowing someone to donate. Interesting.

ariane 12:15 AM  

I has a new blog. Good day.

Ash 8:18 PM  

The same thing happened to my friend Sarah when we went to donate blood years ago in England. I think spinach and brocoli have a lot of iron in them :)

Nathan & Tara 12:46 PM  

if you eat before you take your pill it should alleviate some of the hurt :(