Monday, December 15, 2008

And the nightmares begin...

Okay, I had my first post-engagement wedding planning nightmare yesterday. Not a figurative nightmare, a literal nightmare, which led to me waking up this morning repeating, "it was just a dream, it was just a dream, it was JUST a dream", etc. I don't know how people plan weddings in less than 6 months. I'm panicking and our wedding date is August 1. Claire, how are you dealing with this?? I have no idea where to start in terms of booking caterers, finding places to rent tables and chairs, ideas for decorating or even ideas for bridesmaids' dresses. Yikes. My worst fear is that no one can come to the wedding. In my dream the wedding came too early and my hair wasn't even done properly, the dress looked bad, I had no makeup on and only half of the guests were there. No one was there to officiate and I was actually late for my own wedding. I walked in and everyone was sitting down and I didn't even know how to find the aisle down the middle of the sanctuary.

Oooooh wow, I really don't want any prophetic-types analyzing the meaning behind that one!


Anonymous 8:44 PM  

Re: dresses. First, decide if you want the gals to wear the same colour and style, or the same colour, or the same style. Go from there. You'd be surprised how many nice dresses you can find when you just shop (not at bridal wear places).

Re: caterers. Is there a restaurant that you absolutely love? Ask if they would cater a wedding. If not, be very specific about dietary requirements, that could hold some influence on who you can use. (Just be aware that if you get a restaurant to cater, the service might not be quite as good as a catering service, because they have to split up staff between 2 venues.)


Anonymous 8:49 PM  

Re: decorations. Simple is beautiful. Maybe centrepieces that are functional and can be taken home by guests? Nothing really tall, you don't want guests dodging their heads about to see each other. Stick with a colour scheme, and go with something natural. Focal point somewhere in the room, everything else plays into that. (Don't rely on wedding mags for decorations only, other home/garden mags are great for this!)

Re: tables & chairs ... literally look under "rentals" in the yellowpages. It's a good place to start. If you have a Rogers Rentals out there, they are decent.

Sit down and think of 5 adjectives you want to use that would describe your wedding. That could help when you're trying to come up with a colour/decor scheme.

Also, Google what kinds of flowers are readily available in the summer months.


Sonya 11:00 PM  

Having nightmares about the wedding is perfectly normal. So no worries. :)

Anonymous 10:56 AM  

Yeah it's normal to have nightmares. But just pray through it all. When you wake up pray and you'll see God will give you the peace for the day. I'll be praying for you too.
Get your maid of honor to help you with some planning things. You don't have to do it all by yourself. What about your mom or sisters? WHAT ABOUT LUKE?! lol.
6 months is plenty of time. Don't over do it. And don't think about impressing the guests, think about YOU enjoying YOUR day. It's less pressure that way.

Keeping you in my prayers and sending you a big hug.


Erica 12:56 PM  

wow...good luck! Have fun doing it. You will (hopefully) only have to plan a wedding once...and it can be enjoyable. Get a book to prganize everything. And just take it easy.

If you need a photographer for engagement pictures or anything let me know! I would love to do them. I'm totally just starting out, but I have an awesome camera, and would love to. If you already have one...that's cool.
Raid Chapters wedding section!!

marie 10:06 AM  

Canada's Bridal Show is coming up in January. Might be a neat place to get ideas and such from!

You and Luke are such a great couple. It will no doubt be a beautiful wedding!

Kristi 11:12 PM  

I definitely have had wedding nightmares. I think pretty much everyone does... It had better not be a bad sign.
PS thanks for the Pepsi!

Claire 8:20 AM  

Yeah. I've actually only had one of those. Ken's carried a lot of the weight of the wedding--which has been my saving grace.
You'll be fine.
We should get together.